In consonance of the provisions of the Act, Dental Council of India is entrusted with the following objectives.
  • Maintenance of uniform standards of Dental Education – both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. (a) It envisages inspections/visitations of Dental Colleges for permission to start Dental colleges, increase of seats, starting of new P.G. courses (as per provisions of section 10A of the Act).
  • To prescribe the standard curricula for the training of dentists, dental hygienists, dental mechanics and the conditions for such training;
  • To prescribe the standards of examinations and other requirements to be satisfied to secure for qualifications recognition under the Act;

To achieve these, the needs are:

  • Uniformity of curriculum standards of technical and clinical requirements, standards of examinations;
  • Affiliation of every dental college to an University;
  • Supervision over all the dental institutions to ensure that they maintain the prescribed standards;
  • Regulation of the profession of dentistry.
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